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Mystery Veggie Revealed!

For those of you who received our March newsletter, we posted this photo, taken by our Transforming Diabetes Dietician (and amateur food photographer!)  Julia Hanfling. We asked our readers - What IS this mystery veggie? The answer.... A … [Read More...]

Diabetes Is…?

With the hanging of the new 2014 calendar, many of us take time to commit to new goals, re-visit previously held plans, or tell ourselves its better not to resolve anything new.   The diabetes “pillars of care,” as I call them, give us … [Read More...]

Health…its a practice

When we have diabetes, does it mean we are sick? Does this diagnosis, an incurable “disease,” mean we are dis-eased? How we see ourselves, and how we work with our vision and voices inside our minds, significantly affects our well-being and our life, … [Read More...]

Musings on my (not so) silent meditation retreat

Twenty-some years into mind-body study, practice, and teachings, I am just home from my first multi-day “Silent Retreat.” I headed to the woods in Washington, to a retreat site called Cloud Mountain, for a weekend’s restoration. I’d been looking at … [Read More...]

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