Diabetes Health and Wellness Coaching

Provided by Heather Nielsen, M.A., LPC, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Living with diabetes can be challenging. Its 24/7 nature makes it difficult to manage all the time, and many people get off track. Most of us know a lot about what it takes to live well with diabetes but often, there is a gap between knowledge and behavior. If you would like some help closing that gap, and creating a thriving, healthy, and happy life despite diabetes, coaching can help.

  • Coaching areas: nutrition, activity, life satisfaction, mind-body-spirit connection, relationships and communication, diabetes distress, anxiety and depression, and just about anything else that affects your well-being.
  • Credentials: Certified Health and Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches. With a foundation in positive psychology, incorporating evidence-based techniques for helping people move through ambivalence and into action, Heather has been working with people who have diabetes for over 10 years as an educator, program developer, motivational speaker, counselor and coach.
  • Services are available in person in Portland, OR, phone or Internet.
  • We will coordinate your coaching with your primary care and/or your diabetes doctor – creating true Integrated Diabetes Care.


  • Contact Heather directly for current pricing and package options.
  • Coaching packages available: visit http://www.wellcoaches.com/Heather.Nielsen/
  • Office hours available in SW Portland, NE Portland, and coaching sessions over the phone.
  • Payable by cash, check, or credit/debit card

To schedule an appointment, email: heather@heathernielsencounseling.com | Phone: 971-263-6169 (confidential voicemail)


“I want you to know that I feel I benefited quite a bit from our visits over the past year.  I honestly didn’t come to you with any specific goals related to improving my blood sugar control, but I was a tightly wound emotional mess about it, and I feel that has improved for me tremendously.  I feel better able to verbalize my emotions and needs in regards to diabetes and don’t feel so alone, and that is thanks to you and our sessions. I’ve always thought you provided excellent care to me, and I am sure you are also doing a great job for your other clients.”

- L. K.

Heather’s compassionate counseling has guided me in establishing a mindfulness practice that helps me to manage my diabetes, and helps me to live a better life.

- E.W.B

Diabetes workshops and classesEach workshop is approximately 90 minutes long and will leave your group with tools and tips, energy and empowerment to live better with diabetes.

  • Diabetes Burnout: How to Keep Going When You’ve Had Enough! Discover ways to give yourself a “break” and get back on track when burnout has sapped your motivation and nothing seems to be working like you wish it would. Or perhaps you don’t even really care if or how it all works… If so, this class is for you. Workshop uses the book “Diabetes Burnout” as reference manual.
  • Creating and Loving (or at least working well with!) your Diabetes Team. Find out how to make the most of your health care team, so that you all really are working towards the same outcome – your fantastic health and happiness, despite diabetes!

To schedule a workshop or class, email: heather@transformingdiabetes.com | Phone: 541-400-0478