Sea of Change: Captain Wenz and his Diabetes Voyage

Captain Robert Wenz of Alaska Tanker Company grew up on fast food; like many Americans, McDonalds was practically his middle name. He never made a connection between what he ate and how he felt, or how healthy he was.

When he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three and a half years ago, his fear of complications snapped him to attention. He sought diabetes education at Providence Diabetes Education Services here in Portland, and in one class, Captain Bob was transformed.

Now the  Captain was on a mission. So he took his educator, Susanna Reiner -RN, CDE at Providence, and the concept of whole foods and the Mediterranean Diet (a la Dr. Miles Hassell) and shared it with his crew.

Was he able to win over the sailors? How about the cooks? And why are we now worried about diabetic salmon in Alaska?  Tune in and hear our version of Treasure Island, where an enclosed community, real food and one little Diabetes Educator from Providence hospital helped create corporate wellness.

Just a reminder to those whole live in Portland. Oregon Health Sciences University is hosting a Diabetes Summit on Nov. 19th with lots of great programs. You can read more about it here: